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Plumber Burwood Pipe Relining

Sewer systems play an essential role in protecting our health and the environment. Therefore, maintaining a functional sewer line is of utmost importance. There are a lot of factors that compromise the operation of your sewer line which include the age of the pipes and the movement of the surrounding soil due to housing settlement or commercial construction.

In Sydney, earthenware pipes were commonly used in sewer lines before the introduction of PVC pipes. These pipes are prone to various problems including cracks, broken joints and root infiltration. Here are some of the signs of a sewer line failure:

  • Very slow drains
  • Pooling water around the sewer line
  • Slow flushing toilet
  • Overflowing sewer gully
  • A sewer backup

Traditional methods of pipe repair can be costly as excavation of basement floors, driveways or landscaping are often involved. At Plumber Burwood, we recommend a trenchless method of rehabilitating your sewer lines without the need for digging. This method is called pipe relining.

Benefits of Pipe Relining

    Affordability – With pipe relining, you get to preserve your landscaping, driveways or sidewalks saving yourself the time and money required for property restoration.

    No Dig Solution– Pipe relining can be done using an existing access point resulting to less or no disruption at all.

    Convenience – Since deep excavations are not required no need for temporary relocations while the repair is ongoing.

    Quick Process – Digging up sewer pipes and replacing them can take days or weeks to complete while a pipe relining job can be done within a day.

    Durability – The strength of the lining materials used in pipe relining are stronger than PVC! Relined pipes have a life expectancy of up to 50 years!

    Joint-Free – Relined pipes are joint-free giving you 100 percent protection from root intrusion problems.

The Process of Pipe Relining

At Plumber Burwood, we employ the inversion method of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining. Here is an overview of the CIPP process:

    Step 1: Inspection

    Considering the sewer line is clear for viewing, video inspection will be conducted using a CCTV drain camera. This will determine whether pipe relining is a suitable option for your problem. CCTV inspection is also essential in identifying and locating the problem.

    Step 2: Hydro-jet cleaning

    Once the problem has been identified and located by video inspection, the sewer line will be cleaned using a water jetting machine. During this stage, tree roots within the sewer line can be removed.

    Step 3: Liner Preparation

    The liner is prepared based on acquired measurements. A resin mixture is poured into a felt tube that is wet out several times to ensure complete impregnation.

    Step 4: Inversion

    The liner is blown inside out on to the damaged pipe with the help of air pressure. A machine called an air inverter is utilised during this process.

    Step 5: Curing

    For smaller pipes, ambient air is only needed to cure the liner. Hot water or steam will be required for larger pipes.

    Step 6: Re-inspection

Following the curing process, CCTV inspection will be performed again to ensure the quality of the pipe relining work.