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Joseph woke to the sound of running water. He thought it was a dream at first; he’d just been in a world of endless beaches, tropical trees and gorgeous waterfalls pouring into crystal clear blue lagoons. He climbed out of bed and found a dirty waterfall pouring into an indoor lagoon in his lounge room. He opened the cupboard door where the hot water system was kept. The bottom had burst and water was pouring everywhere. He scrambled for his phone and dialed a Plumber he knew he could rely on.

Even though it was 5am, the phone was still answered quickly and the Plumber was booked in for that very morning. Before he hung up, Joseph was also advised to shut off water to the system by locating and turning off the isolation valve. It would stop water pouring into the tank and, therefore, onto his floor. Joseph found the tap and turned off the water. The flow lessened and eventually stopped, leaving him to begin to sop up the mess and roll back his rugs.

The Burwood Plumber arrived early and set to work replacing the tank. He was polite, efficient and even helped Joseph carry one of the rugs out onto the balcony so they could dry. The job was stress free for Joseph (except for the waterlogged carpets, of course). The Plumber id what he could to help get the water out of the cupboard space. Once the tank was installed he tested it and made sure it worked, checked the settings and helped carry one more rug out before he left.

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