Stopping Sewer Gas Odours

Usually, sewer gas comes from traps or pipes that have become leaky, dry, or clogged. Grease, hair, and other debris can get caught in the trap, allowing the entry of these gases into the home. It is not only smelly; it is also very flammable and can cause one to become sick after a long period of exposure. Fortunately, they can be eliminated with some effort. Here are the steps you need to follow to eliminate sewer gas odour:

1. Find the part of your home where the smell is strongest. This should give you an idea of which drain has to be lubricated or cleaned.

2. Pour a litre of water (any temperature will do) down the drain to fill their traps with water. A dry p-trap facilitates in the entry of sewer gas. If this doesn’t stop sewer gas from coming into the home, go to the next step.

3. Put on your rubber gloves and get a basin. Once you have obtained the said items, you can then proceed to removing the stopper and cleaning the drain of debris and dirt stuck in it.

4. Make sure to dispose the debris down a rubbish bin. Flushing it down the toilet clogs it.

5. Prepare a hot soap solution in a bucket, and wash the stopper in it.

6. Get a metal wire having the same length as that of a hanger and bend the end until you have formed a hook. Once you have formed the hook, insert it into the drain and start removing debris. As mentioned above, any debris removed should be tossed into the rubbish bin, not the toilet bowl.

7. Any debris already deep down in the drain should be flushed with four to five litres of boiling water. The problem should be solved at this point, but if not, then proceed to the step after this.

8. Dump a couple of tablespoons of cooking oil down the drain to prevent the water in it from evaporating. Oil always stays above water and takes long to evaporate, making it a decent way to keep the trap from drying up so fast. Follow the steps below if this step still does not fix the problem.

9. Find the vent pipe on the roof of your house. Then climb a ladder to reach it.

10. Once you are on the roof, check the vent for debris blocking it. Remove any debris by hand or blast the vent with water from a hose if you cannot reach it. Blast water down the vent for five minutes.

A plumber may be called to help you with the task. Make sure that you only hire reputed plumbers in your area to get only the best plumbing service.