Plunging a blocked sewer drains

How to carry out plumbing repairs
All plumbing repairs need an immediate action. However, most homeowners choose to wait till their sinks are no longer working before taking action. Plunging a blocked sewer drains is among these problems. It may be disastrous and cost you a fortune if ignored. If you have a clogged drain within your home, you can do something before calling out for professional plumber services.
Clogging mainly occurs in three different hotspots- within curved pipes known as traps, within toilet passages and also at the main drainage. The basic procedures here would be to simply clear the clogged drain.
Sometimes the sink may not be fully clogged but could be just sluggish, with water running at a slow pace at the drain. If that is your issue, they you could try running hot water through the pipes for some time. If it happens to be clogged by scum, oil or grease then this could do the job efficiently. If this approach is does not end up being satisfactory, you ought to use a good channel cleaner as opposed to simply using boiling hot water.

You may find that generally, hot water and channel cleaners don’t usually do a great job. The easiest approach could be to then take your plumbing dress then pick up the plunger. Fill up the sink with a little water, place the plunger onto the strainer then start pushing it in and out quickly with a force. Keep plunging for a while continuously. Pressure would build up within the pipes and then the clog or whatever is blocking the flow of water would move. Small clogs don’t hold back against the pressure, especially when it is continual and exerted with a larger force. For better outcomes, you could use a rubber plunger and not a plastic one.
In the event that plungers don’t do the work, then you should look at the drain trap. Take a bucket then put it below the trap then open the trap. You will find a little hair and other clogged stuff that could be clogging your drain. Clean up the trap as much as you can to see if it solves the issue. You could run water for some time and see if it would have better results.
If after cleaning the trap, you find that your line is still blocked, then the problem could be within the wall drain. Take the cable auger then insert it onto the stub-out.You have to push the cable harder such that it will pass through the clog. Now simply pull it back thenthe clog would flow out.
Fix the trap back then run boiling hot water through the sink then check if the flow could be right now fine. Though the cable auger may clear a little bulk of the clog, some clogs or hair could still be attached onto the walls within the drain pipes.

Therefore if you still have a slow water flow after plunging a blocked sewer drains, then try using the plunger again to clear any leftover debris that could be within the pipes.