What you need to do to avoid clogged drains


A home owner gets stressed every time they see water collecting on their sinks when it’s supposed to drain off. This could only mean that drain is clogged and there is the need to get it unclogged as soon as possible. In cases where the clogging is bad, a professional plumber has to be called in and this costs in terms of money and time. Cleaning and clogged drains have a direct relationship in that if you avoid cleaning, you will always have clogged drains. The good news is that there are ways that you can use to avoid having clogged drains in your house and some of the ways will be mentioned below.
As mentioned above, sinks that are cleaned rarely have clogged drains. It therefore means that the simplest and most straightforward way of making sure that you never have clogged drains. Cultivate a habit of always having clean sinks without any food left overs and they will always work as they should.
Use a drain strainer
In the event that you clean dishes a lot and the risk of clogged drains is high, you can invest in a drain strainer. A drain strainer is a piece of equipment that you fit onto the mouth of the drain. Once fitted, all the solid waste collects on it and hence never gets into the drain. The strainer only allows water to pass through. Once the drain strainer is full of dirt, water starts collecting in the sink alerting you to empty the strainer. Home owners that have a drain strainer rarely complain of clogged drains. It goes without saying that you can buy a drain strainer for every drain you have in your house hence an advantage.
As you can see, cleaning and drain clogging go hand in hand. If you fail to clean you will always have clogged drains.