Drain blockage solutions if you had a blocked drain in your house

Drain blocking is a very common problem that you may experience in almost all the houses. I will not say you can completely avoid this problem because sometime or other you will face this problem in your house. However, I can suggest some drain blockage solutions that can help you in such situation and these solutions or tips are mentioned below.
Use hot water and salt: If you have a blocked drain, then use of hot water and salt is the best thing that you can do to clean it. Though, you need to make sure this hot water is not extremely hot, else it may damage your plastic pipes. So just pour some salt and hot water into the pipe and hope that it will resolve the problem.
Use a plunger: In case above solution does not work for you, and then you can use a plunger to get rid of the blockage. So, after pouring hot water and salt, add some dish waster detergent in it and then try to plunge the drain using a good quality and a proper fitting plunger. While using this plunger, make sure you make it soft using some warm water because with a hard plunger you cannot do the plunging work correctly.
Use a drain snake: If you find both the above solutions are not working for you and you are not getting any good result, then you can try to use a drain snake for this. This is a mechanical device that can cut the clogging with a mechanical action. In order to use it you will simply need to put the drain snake end in your drain pipe and you need to rotate it from outside.
With above drain blockage solutions you should get a good result, but if you find it is not working for you, then I would suggest you suggest you to get in touch with a good plumber for this. If you will try anything else, then you might damage the pipes or you may increase the problem as well.