How to Clean Drains Using Chemicals

Home owners know that drains can get clogged at some time or another, and this is why cleaning drains is very important. This keeps clogs, big and small, out of the way. You can opt to hire skilled and reliable plumbers to get these clogged drains cleared for you, however, if you prefer saving your money for worse problems instead, you can do drain cleaning yourself. Below are the things you need to do to clean your drains chemically.


1. The first thing you need to do is to put on a pair of gloves to give your hands ample protection from chemical cleaners. Keep in mind that many of these chemical cleaners can do a lot of harm to the skin.


2. Check which drains are clogged by pouring water down them. If the water does not go down a drain immediately, it is clogged.


Keep in mind that if every drain in either a particular portion of the house or if all drains in your home are clogged, call a plumber from as soon as possible. You keep the problem from becoming worse this way.


3. Get one pair of channel locks and take out the traps, which are also known as clean-out plugs, from the access point that is nearest to the clogs. If clogs are near tub drains or sinks, omit this particular step since you can directly pour the liquid down the drain of the tub or sink.


4. Use plastic J-hooks to elevate the pipe. This ensures that the liquid will flow down to the drain and not spill back out. Like in the above step, if clogs are near the drains of sinks or tubs, then omit this step as you can have the chemical cleaner directly poured down sinks or tubs.


5. You can then proceed to pouring the chemical cleaner down the tub, sink, toilet, or any access point of that clogged pipe. Make sure to let chemical cleaners set for fifteen minutes to an hour, depending on the instructions stated on the bottle.


6. Then run hot water down the drains you just poured chemical drain cleaners on. If the water goes through the drain without any trouble, then consider the drain fixed. Otherwise, repeat this process until the water goes down the drain in just a short time.


Chemical drain cleaners, despite being effective, can do harm to drains when too much of them are applied. It is, therefore, important to pour a few millilitres down clogged drains at a time.